Unique Kitchen Lighting Designs

When looking for unique kitchen lighting designs, look no further than the world-famous company known as Fort Mayer. The company’s lighting products have been used by hundreds of professional design professionals nationwide for over 20 years. This is because they offer many different options in both styles and finishes to meet any decor. They are the industry leader in home lighting design.

Various kitchen lighting designs include: 1} Track lighting, which provides accent lighting throughout your space, including accent fixtures such as mini pendant lights and wall sconces. You can accent the use of this type of light by including dimmer switches, which can be customized to control the brightness of each individual fixture. Another option you may want to consider is using an LED wall light; these provide a clean, no-frills look without being overly expensive. For those who are creative, Fort Mayer’s “DIY Kitchens” may also provide an ideal place to try your hand at some low cost DIY lighting ideas.

Under counter lighting is another popular option in kitchen lighting designs. This style focuses on lighting an entire kitchen area below the counter, with pendants and fixtures that resemble mini chandeliers. It can be a great way to create a warm atmosphere that echoes throughout the entire space. Pendants are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, including round and square shapes. You may also want to choose a shade that matches your overall design theme.

Another option that provides unique kitchen lighting designs is the installation of floating lamps. These unique lights make use of a hollow metal tube that is suspended from the ceiling. As the light collects at the bottom of the tube, it casts a very soft glow. This type of light is great for creating a cozy atmosphere in the kitchen, as it doesn’t intrude on anyone’s space. These lights can also provide ambient light, which is perfect for evening meals.

A third option in kitchen lighting designs is to install accent lighting. Specialized oval or rectangular shaped fixtures are placed at certain places in the kitchen to highlight decorative elements or favorite dishes. Hanging these lights over top of an island or bar is a great way to add a nice touch of elegance to the room. Hanging these above a gas burner or stove is also another idea for maximizing natural light in this area. If you like a more hands on approach, installing track lighting over an island or bar can help create a unique artistic style.

While there are many kitchen lighting designs available, finding the right lighting for your home can take a little time and effort. Pay attention to how your kitchen is decorated and think about how you personally would like to see it decorated. If you have a modern kitchen with lots of windows, then chances are you will want to go with a very unique style of lighting. If you have a traditional kitchen with a few details, then you might want to choose a more subtle approach. By the help of a reliable lighting design company in Naples, you can add a unique touch to your kitchen that will make you feel like you are never alone in your kitchen.