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Inchcape Manchester Paint & Body

I would just like to say what a pleasure it is to work with a company like Autoclenz. We never get any complaints off our customer only praise for how clean and spotless there vehicles are, which is a credit to Cyril.

Cyril will do anything to help anyone. A prime example was when a customer was going away in his vehicle at Christmas time, he stayed until after 6.00 pm to make sure it was ready for him to collect at 7.00 the next morning so as not to ruin someones Christmas break. The pride he takes in his work, shows in the cleanliness of the vehicles.

Due to his commitment and the service that Autoclenz and Cyril provide I have never even considered dealing with another valeting company.

Inchcape Manchester



Richard Fellows - Head of Business - Swindon Audi

To Whom it may concern

I have had the pleasure in dealing with Autoclenz in a number of guises over the past 15 years and I have never been in need to ever consider another valeting company due to the strength of the relationship that the team have built up and commitment and attention to detail that I know they deliver on a daily basis. Dean has been a fantastic ambassador for this business and one that I will trust implicitly to get the job done to the exacting standards I demand.

There is a strong understanding in terms of what is required from them and also that the job of the sun-contracting valeting company is to manage itself. I am pleased to say that this happens. I also get regular feedback and if there is any need to speak to one of the team about anything then I know that it will be actioned as a priority.

Autoclenz have a lot of experience in their chosen field of expertise and it shows. I am always very happy with the results

Richard Fellows - Head of Business



Steve Morley - Workshop Manager – Technical Services - BCA

Can I just say thank you to you and the team for the support you have given me these previous weeks, but a huge well done and thank you to the valet team themselves, in the number of vehicles that they have been producing whilst going through a very busy time. As we all know who have done this work it is very hard to keep on completing 8 and 9 full valets a day per person whilst maintaining the quality that is required, so well done to all the team and keep up the good work.

Kind regards

Workshop Manager – Technical Services



Dan McCormick & Bryan Davis - Cooper BMW & Mini

Dear Velizar

Just wanted to let you know how well the boys at the Cooper Thames Ditton branch have performed during the current AUC audit for both BMW and Mini. The team managed to achieve a 98% pass throughout, which is just unbelievable considering the high standards expected to reach this level. The auditor also mentioned the fact that the cars were the cleanest she had seen throughout the country so far which is absolutely brilliant. They also managed to maintain a very high standard on all the sold cars, bodyshop and general retail work.

Working closely with the valet team we see on a day to day basis the hard work they put in and feel that we should pass on our congratulations to yourself and the team.

Massive thank you

Cooper BMW & Mini



Lorraine Syrett - Dealer Assistant - Mercedes-Benz Dartford & Orpington

Just thought I’d send an email to say that we are really happy with the Autoclenz staff working at Mercedes-Benz Dartford.

They all seem to understand the site and the challenges we face with our restricted space and accommodate our ever demanding needs,

I’d especially like to say that Aidas and Andrew make a great team and keep the guys in check at all times!

Thanks again, Kind regards

Lorraine Syrett



Shaz Hamed - Sales Manager - Guildford Audi

Just a note to say how much we appreciated Andrew & Lydia’s extra effort through March, particularly the last week where we had over 60 cars going out.

This would not have been possible without their commitment and coming in on bank holiday.


Guildford Audi


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